The Good Sort

 Take a tour of one our favorite hidden treasures! The Good Sort truly is one of the city’s  best kept secrets with its delicious wellness driven menu that features bright and beautiful treats. The rainbow latte is a true winner for Momma and any unicorn loving tot. Its otherworldly colors will convince any child that veggies really are magic. We’re also super in love with its dainty and fun-loving decor that feature pastel pink walls, florals, and crystals that juxtapose the porcelain pots and waving cats which serve as a nice ode to its neighborhood. Its location is unique in...

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A tea party for three…

Last month we celebrated both Eva, Lila and LEAH + RAE with the dream dress at the center of the pastel-infused tea party. Both girls couldn’t have been more excited to celebrate their birthdays together! I pray they will always be this close and enjoy the special bond that comes with having a sister.

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